Toxicity is linked to chronic fatigue, pain, environmental illness and many unpleasant symptoms, that can be hard to explain with standard medical tests. 

Toxicity can occur from exposure to toxcants:  alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals (medicines, supplements, food chemicals), mould,   and other chemicals like pesticides, solvents, heavy metals (e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium) and fumes and chemical gases (VOCS, MVOCS, PM), lymme tic, other.  This type of toxicity can be acute  (cause immediate poisoning, or it may lead to chronic low grade toxicity due to the impact they can have on the nervous system and organs.  

Toxicity can also occur when we are not sleeping properly and when our core functions like digestion and liver detoxification, energy making,  other, are not working properly due to genetic reasons, illness (e.g. malabsorption, disease, anaemia, other), poor circulation or nutrient deficiencies due to poor diet (e.g too much sugar).  Toxicity can also occur due to high inflammation and high stress (overactivation of the fight/flight response)

To address chronic  toxicity  you usually need a multi dimensional approach that includes

This is best done with the help of a doctor that specialises in chronic toxicity and related health conditions (e.g. CFS, fibromyalgia, yeast infections). These doctors are usually trained in functional, integrative or nutritional and environmental medicine. 

 See here for biological effects of toxicity.

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