Common to people with pain and fatigue syndromes is food allergies and food sensitivities (intolerances).  The later is more common, and can be a trigger or amplifier of

  • digestive upsets (gluten, alcohol, caffeine, lactose, fructose and other food sugars, known as fodmaps),
  • Irritable Bladder conditions - are often worsened by spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and for some people foods that contain yeast
  • Migraines, Non Allergic Rhinitis, or difficult to explain multisystem symptoms: gut, respiratory, skin nervous system can often be linked to food chemical intolerance - histamine or  Amines, MSG,  and/or Salicylate). This may also be linked to drug resistant depression according to research by Dr Gordon Parker (psychiatrist)

While autoimmune Gluten Intolerance (Celiac Disease) needs to be managed with strict avoidance of gluten, most of the time other food sensitivities can be managed by simply reducing the intake of the food trigger culprits and only eating small amounts at a time spread out over the day.  Or choosing alternatives, for example if you have lactose intolerance (e.g the sugar in milk upsets your tummy) you can swap to lactose free milk.  But some people do need to manage their food intolerances more strictly.

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