Causes of Fatigue.

Fatigue can cause a wide range of symptoms: physical, emotional, mental. 

Fatigue  is usually caused by a number of factors working in combination.   

Each of us has a capacity to cope with a lot of daily stressors as represented by the cup, but once we have become fatigued  (depleted in reserves) our cup becomes smaller and our ability to cope with daily stressors decreases.   We also become more stressor sensitive!

The list of medical conditions that can cause fatigue is a long one.  Most common are Anemia, Autoimmune Disease,  Malabsorption diseases (Celiac, IBD), Nutrient Deficiencies, Allergies and Depression.  If you are experiencing severe or prolonged fatigue you should always see your doctor. 

Lifestyle factors like the following the most common cause of fatigue

  • Poor Sleep (not enough sleep, poor quality sleep)
  • Poor Diet – lack of nutrients (nutrient deficiencies), dehydration
  • Exercise too much/too little
  • Boredom and repetitive activity
  • Lifestyle imbalance (work-rest-play)
  • Lifestyle Stress  (relationship, work, social, financial) like other can make us exhausted, particularly when stress is long term or very high.  
  • Overstimulation: high and ongoing exposure to sensory stimuli e.g flashing lights, loud noise, brigh colours, fumes.

Lifestyle factors are a very common cause of fatigue.

Exposure to environmental toxicants are known to be a cause of fatigue (and other symptoms)

People with very severe ongoing fatigue , for which other medical causes can not be found, are often experience toxicity.  Heavy Metal, mould, other, however most standard GP’s fail to test for this. Doctors trained in functional, integrative or NEM tend to.


It is common for people with fatigue to have nutrient deficiencies.  Most common are Vitamin D, B12, B6, Iron and Magnesium.  However others can also occur and impact energy making. 

For most people eating a healthy diet remains the best way to get sufficient amounts of the vitamins and minerals you need. Harvard

However if you are experiencing severe deficiencies, toxicities, or malabsorption disease (e.g. Celiac, IBD, inflammed gut) nutritional supplementation will most likely be necessary.  Supplement like medicines however should be used wisely and cautiously. Too many nutrients like deficiencies can cause lots of unpleasant symptoms. 

If taking supplements, discuss these with your doctor. If chronically fatigued get help from a doctor with a good understanding of nutrition and toxicity.  Best are usually those trained in functional, integrative or nutrition and environmental medicine. 



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