Protecting your home from EMR exposures

The debate about the safeness of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMRs) has been ongoing for years.  While the level we are exposed to in our homes is considered safe, EMR exposures even at low levels may contribute to the oxidative stress and glia priming – sensitisation (which may play a role in the controversial condition electro hypersensitivity  that many of us with environmental illness  (EI ) MCS – CFS  report.

“Along with the abovementioned stimuli, glia may also be primed to respond more harshly by exposure to toxins and electromagnetic fields (EMF), including non-ionizing, radio frequency (RFR) electromagnetic radiation (EMR) (Hao et al., 2010), autoimmune processes (Colton, 2009), and the effects of aging (Norden and Godbout, 2012).”  (The Neuroinflammatory Etiopathology of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Glassford 2017)

What Can You Do to Protect Your House?

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The best thing you can do to avoid overexposure to EMFs is to cut down on the amount of electronic devices that you use. If you are not using a particular computer, printer, scanner, television, microwave, or other technological gadget, go ahead and turn it off and unplug it. Unplugging it is important, because even if these devices are off they can still emit radiation.

Furthermore, if possible, forgo a wireless router and stick with the traditional, non-wireless alternative. This may be a challenge if you have several laptops that you use to connect to the Internet, but if you primarily use a desktop you should be able to achieve this without any problem. Additionally, opt for a printer that plugs into your computer, rather than one that connects electronically. If you cannot go without a wireless router, try to limit EMFs in other areas of your home by unplugging anything you are not currently using.

Wireless routers can be a dangerous source of EMFs, and if you can do without them, you can greatly improve your family’s health. If not, cutting back on the use of other electronics can help reduce the total radiation to which your family is exposed.


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