Stress Exhaustion

If your feeling stressed and exhausted you are not alone.  Many people are feeling the same way, including me!  

Stress exhaustion can result in heightened anxiety and many unpleasant symptoms. That is, mental health concerns and pain syndromes.  Overtime it can also lead to disease in many but not all, and less commonly,  if very extreme or high and ongoing death can occur!. 

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It is is important to take Stress Exhaustion Seriously.  However one of the worse things you can do to yourself is become obsesses and stressed about your stress and symptoms,  you have to calm your Anxiety! (sometimes easier said, than done, I know)

For some people stress exhaustion is easy to resolve with improved sleep and proper treatments for medical conditions they have.  For many however, a combination of lifestyle, dietary, psychological, social and environmental factors need to be addressed.  

Reducing your “total stressor load” and getting proper medical treatmemts as necessary is what you need to do to calm ALARM and rebalance your limbic HPA axis.


Selye: Stress – General Adaptation Syndrome.


Selye medically defined stress in 1936 as 

 “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”

Selye had noted in numerous experiments that laboratory animals subjected to acute but different noxious physical and emotional stimuli (blaring light, deafening noise, extremes of heat or cold, perpetual frustration) all exhibited the same pathologic changes. If demands were very severe and ongoing, he noted disease and sometimes even death could occur!

This lead to his explanation of 

 General Adaptation Syndrome. 



Ongoing Exhaustion is linked to the Chronic Stress Response, that is the ALARM Being stuck on high alert.  In a depleted exhausted state the mind and body become less able to resist the impact of stressors (particularly high stressors or a heightened total stress load) and sickness, illness or chronic fatigue and pain syndromes can occur.  If stress exhaustion becomes very severe, sometimes people can die.  More likely to happen however is a protective state, which causes high fatigue and a slowing down of  core functions  (like digestion, detoxification, energy making).  Allowing for survival, but often not much more. This is linked to   Systemic exertion intolerance disease / chronic fatigue syndrome / MCS and related multiple pain syndromes. 



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