Declutter and Organise your home in 31 Days

Living in a decluttered and organised home makes everything easier, I can attest to that!  But going through the process of decluttering can be overwhelming.  I can attest to that too.

Following decluttering tips like these one from Peter Walsh (Oprah’s home organisation guru) has definitely helped my process of decluttering along.

 While I know 10 minutes a day or so is not that hard for many, I have  to admit that achieving this on a consistant basis has been difficult  for me.  Due to brain fog, fatigue and nerve pain.   So it took me longer than 31 days,  also because I have had a lot to declutter.   In the end I have to confess, I got hubby to pack up a lot of the excess and put it into storage!  We have been working through boxes slowly.  This I think is one of the best decluttering ideas I have had. 

It got the excess stuff out of our home your nice and quick. Downside, when we had to put in storage (before getting a shipper container, then moving to a home with large detached garage) it did cost a bit.  

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