3 Minute Guided Meditation



Meditating is something I know I should do more often, but I  can find it difficult to stay tuned to a long meditation.  3 minutes I can do!

Luckily even 3 minute meditations like this helps to ease my  muscle tension and pain and calm the brain (most of the time!)

Meditation Benefits

The doctors from the Kaplan Clinic Say….

Meditation can not only have positive and rapid changes in the brain, we find that our patients who meditate typically sleep better, have less pain, less anxiety and depression, and a better general sense of well-being. But there also has been plenty research over the last decade demonstrating that meditation helps reduce stress and blood pressure, provides relief from migraine headaches, improves concentration and boosts immune function.

Use this 3-minute, guided meditation to help you regain focus on the present moment while releasing feelings of tension and stress. Led by Laura Elizabeth Dorsett, MTS.

Source: https://kaplanclinic.com/videos/3-minute-guided-meditation/#





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