Amplified Pain

dialThere are many different types of pain. The most common types of pain experienced by people with chronic pain and fatigue syndromes (FND/CSS related) is Allodynia and Hyperalgesia linked to nervous system sensitisation, and central sensitivity.



means “other pain” and refers to: Pain caused by stimuli which are not normally painful. People with allodynia often find normal everyday stimuli like touch, light, temperature and noise painful. 


This is an amplified experience of pain, where a stimuli that may cause mild discomfort is experienced in a a very painful way. Sometimes this is connected to neuropathy (nerve injury), other times it is connected to very heightened stress.

Our relationship with pain, and pain perceptions based on past experiences, can influence how intense pain is.   This is discussed somewhat in the funny TedX Video "Why Things Hurt?" by Lorimer Moseley.

The explosing of FND/CSS (ie chronic fatigue and pain syndromes) in recent times has been linked to our modern lifestyle and the impacts it is having on our nervous system immune system and most importantly brain.  (winding them up and sensitising them).

To address this you need a multidimensional plan - like RESTORE and a health professional that can give proper medical diagnose and chronic pain and lifestyle management guidance. 

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