Poor sleep and anxiety will always worsen pain, fatigue and sensitivity symptoms. These should always be addressed. Common Symptom Triggers....

Gut Symptoms  Gluten will trigger gut symptoms if you have Celiac Disease. Anyone will experience unpleasant gut symptoms if they OVER indulge in sugary foods, including foods high in natural sugars (FODMAPS) like dairy and fruit.  People with IBS are usually Fodmap sensitive. Caffeine, Alcohol and fatty foods are gut irritants. So are spicy foods and very tasty and highly for some people   Stress
Migraines Caffeine, Chocolate, Wine, Aged Cheese and other foods high in Amines and sometimes other food chemicals Smell, light, Sound, fragrance Poor Sleep and Stress
Fibromyalgia (pain and fatigue) High Carb and sugary foods Depends on comorbid Syndromes 16 % are very intolerant to everyday chemicals (MCS), medications and fragrance Stress, Anxiety, Poor sleep, lack of exercise, overdoing it, not pacing
Sick Building Syndrome   Indoor air Pollutants and Toxicants e.g. Mould and VOCS Stress
Building Related Illness (Asthma, Infections, allergic reactions)   Allergens and Indoor air pollutants and germs  
Central Pain Syndrome (nerve pain - intermittent or ongoing)   Touch, noise, bright light, temperature change, rain Movement and Exercise, Anxiety, stress and strong emotions
ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (severe fatigue worsened by activity and exertion) Depends on comorbid syndromes Sensitivity to everyday chemicals (including chemical odors - fragrance and medications) impacts around 40% (MCS). Also intolerance to supplements common Movement and Exercise - mental exertion
PTSD   Depends on comorbid syndromes - fragranced products Strong Emotions and Traumatic Memories
MDD Food Chemical - Pharmacological Food Intolerance    
Irritable Bladder Syndrome   Spicy foods  Fragranced products  
 MCAS -MCAD Foods high in amines-histamines Indoor pollutants, Substances and chemicals found in everyday products Untreated infections like SIBO 

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