Bathing by most is considered a pretty simple daily activity, but if you are experiencing chronic pain, fatigue and hypersensitivities this simple task may be flaring some of your symptoms, or posing otehr challenges.  The following tips may help you overcome these

  • Bath grab rails can be installed if you have trouble getting into and out of a bath
  • Showers are often simpler and quicker
  • Install shower filter if you are prone to chemical sensitivity or if you simply want to reduce chlorine and other contaminants for softer skin and hair. If you cannot afford a shower filter keep your shower short and sweet. 
  • Use fragrance free and low irritant products if you have fragrance sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, skin problems,  non allergic rhinitis (vasomotor), or irritable bladder syndrome (IC/vulvodynia)
  • You don’t have to bath or shower every day, 2 to 3 times a week is usually fine, in winter or if you are sendentary
  • Warm (not hot) showers are usually best for those with sensitive skin.

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Note: bathing at night (not just before bed) may help improve your quality of sleep.


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