Vasomotor Rhinitis

Vasomotor Rhinitus also known as non allergic rhinitis (NAR).  It is common to people  who experience anxiety and depression.  Especially in women. (1).  It is also associated with the Chronic pain and fatigue syndromes,  fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. (2) and causes increase headache frequencies in people with Migraines (R).   While symptoms of vasomotor rhinitis mainly effect the nose and face in a similar way as Allergic Rhinitis (Hay fever), not managing this condition seems to worsen symptoms of associated conditions.  
 Vasomotor Rhinitis is usually managed  by avoiding triggers such as  fragrances, pollutants spicy foods, alcohol, smoke,  chemical gases (VOCS) and certain medications e.g. Aspirin, NSAIDS.  Use of antihistamines (H1 blockers) are also sometimes used and found beneficial.  
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