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If you are experiencing a very long list of symptoms, you are most likely experiencing Tiredness, Fatigue and Long term Stress.

Stress is often used to describe a psychological state, however it actually refers to a series of biological changes that occur in the body and mind to help you better handle a very high stressor or a combination of external (e.g. environmental, food) and internal stressors (e.g. illness, infection, injury, thoughts) that are causing physical, mental and emotional tensions.


Both the stressors and the way your body copes with them can unfortunately cause you to experience unpleasant symptoms, and when ongoing can cause you to become stuck on a Chronic Stress Response Loop. Being stuck on a chronic stress response loop is not fun, it causes "hypersensitivities"  and physical, emotional and mental symptoms, which when grouped together in certain clusters represent (or mimic), chronic pain and fatigue syndromes (fibromyalgia and related).   

From UMHS Chronic Pain & Fatigue Clinic



While symptoms associated with short -term stress, usually resolve when the stressor has been resolved, if you have been experiencing long-term stress and have become stuck on a chronic stress response loop they can be slow to go. Often requiring you to take a series of small steps over a period of time that will help RESTORE balance to your mind and body and protector meters: i.e. your immune and nervous system.  Restoring balance, is easier with a map to guide you. This map is known as a self managment Wellness Plan


Unfortunately, some people will never fully recover from long term stress, due to genetic influences, age and certain health concerns, but will usually improve their situation, often very dramatically, with persistence and perseverance.




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