It is generally recommended that people with Chronic Pain and fatigue and related FND/CSS symptoms or depression stay in the workforce if they can.  There are many benefits provided by working, beyond a pay packet.  Such as  sense of purpose, fixed routines and social contact. 

However if your pain and fatigue is very severe, or you find you unable to cope emotionally, taking a short break or cutting back to part time work in order to allow time for managing your fatigue and pain and making changes needed to aid your recovery may be beneficial. This of course will impact your financial situation, but often a drop in money can be managed with some clever budgeting and some “bang for your buck” lifestyle changes.  Some tips for balancing work with CFS and fibromyalgia can be found in this article by Bruce Campbell from here 

If you are experiencing ongoing Environmental Illness – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity you may find the following workplace management guidelines of some benefit

 OHSrep Australlia 

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