SENSITISATION (sensitivity)

Sensitisations has been linked to allergies and allergic like sensitivitivities that can cause unpleasant symptoms, pain (and often emotions) to be experienced in an amplified way (Allodynia, hyperalgesia). 

Sensitisation is linked to a wound up immune (mast cell) and nervous system (nociceptor, somatosensory).  Windup usually occurs when we are exhausted from ongoing toxicity, stress and inflammation

Windup  can lead to more windup, as in a state of windup the fight/flight (ALARM) is overactivated,  keeping the body and mind exhausted, stressed, inflammed and “toxic.”

Reducing windup requires a multi dimensional approach,  that includes self management (sleep, diet, exercise), health management (for illness,  injury, allergies, organic disease or toxic disease) and if more severe and ongoing trigger exposure management.  

Triggers can be psychological, chemical, food, pollutants, pathogens, allergens, sensory stimuli e.g. noise, temperature, fragrance/smells.

Symptoms associated with windup, when grouped together in clusters, can represent allergies, mast cell disorders or more commonly central sensitivity syndromes: fibromyalgia and related.  These can occur in the absence of organic disease like arthritis, lupus, diabetes, MS, or along side them.   Many people with CSS also experience anxiety disorders or depression. As the pain and emotional pathways are intertwined. 


Many people with Fibromyalgia and related, benefit from making dietary and lifestyle changes that help retrain the brain to turn down pain, as discussed in the video below by.  However, if toxicity   or inflammation (including gut inflammation) is high,  symptoms may not improve much until these things have been addressed. 


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