What is Biotoxicity / Neurotoxicity?

Biotoxicity occurs when the body’s normal biochemical systems managing digestion, respiration, joint flexibility, brain function, etc. are impaired after a person has inhaled or otherwise ingested toxins such as molds, insect bites, heavy metals, food preservatives or other harmful chemical agents. In most people, the liver is able to break down these toxins, so they can pass through the intestines and be excreted from the body. In about 20 percent of the population, however, this elimination process fails. This group lacks the proper liver enzymes to break down toxins, so instead of being excreted, the toxins are reabsorbed through the lining of the intestines back into the body.The body then sequesters the toxins where it can – damaging the muscle tissue, nerves and nervous tissues in these “holding areas.” “Neurotoxicity” refers specifically to the condition that occurs when the brain or other nervous tissue is affected by toxins.

Three simple examples help illustrate the point:

  1. If the toxins are filtered to your muscles and joints, you may experience joint inflammation and muscle pain,
  2. If the toxins are sequestered in the lungs, you may have difficulty breathing, and
  3. if the toxins stabilize in brain tissue, you may suffer from chronic headaches, depression, poor memory or other cognitive difficulties.

What Are Common Symptoms of Biotoxicity/Neurotoxicity?

The following is a list of symptoms that may indicate the presence of biotoxins or neurotoxins in your body:

– Joint Pain – Muscle Pain – Chronic Headaches
Fatigue – Digestive Problems – Decreased Ability to Focus
Sleep Problems – Decreased Libido – Weight gain / Obesity
– Depression – Anxiety – Mood Swings
– Poor Memory – Irritability – Wheezing

Are the Symptoms of Biotoxicity/Neurotoxicity Similar to Those of Other Disease Conditions?

YES. Biotoxins or neurotoxins can manifest as the following diseases/conditions:

Migraine Headaches / Chronic Headaches
– Clinical Depression
– Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
– Recurrent Sinus Infections / Chronic Sinusitis
– Asthma that is unresponsive to conventional therapy
– Autoimmune Diseases, such as:
* Psoriatic Arthritis
* Celiac Disease
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Rheumatoid Arthritis

Will Treating My Symptoms Resolve My Pain or Illness?

If the underlying cause of your pain or illness is biotoxicity or neurotoxicity – and your treatment plan does not include detoxification treatment – your overall recovery is likely to be incomplete and slower than it needs to be.

Am I At Risk for Developing Biotoxicity or Neurotoxicity?

Anyone can be at risk for being exposed to and affected by biotoxins. Exposures to harmful toxins can occur in your own home, at work, or on travel. Approximately 20 percent of the general population lacks the enzymes needed to breakdown biotoxins so they can be eliminated from the body. This group is particularly vulnerable.

More about biotoxicity can be read at the Kaplan Clinic (source of the above)

Also at Surving Mold and PDF Diagram Biotoxin Pathways by Dr Shoemaker


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