About Me

About Me

To anyone who has been a frequent visitor to my site, sorry I have not introduced myself earlier.

Hi my name is Lisa, I am a lady with a lot of sh##ty symptoms. That do not respond well to conventional treatments.

So I have gone on a sort of alternative journey. Prompted by being diagnosed with Environmental Illness and Environmental (chemical, food and sensory) hypersensitivity related fatigue and pain syndromes (CFS, fibromyalgia and related) and some other, somewhat disturbing conditions. Which for many years went undiagnosed.

These include

  • Biotoxicity: – pretty serious heavy metal poisoning and mycotoxicity – mould illness (CIRS)

  • Toxic Encephalopathy. (eeeeek!!!!!!)

  • As well as neuropathy (nerve injuries)

  • and a Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAS!)

For many years, like many others with Environmental Illnesses, I was diagnosed with stress and mental health concerns – Major Depression Disorder (MDD) being the primary diagnosis. Yes I was given treatment for this, but I did not respond very well to them at all – ie antidepressants, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and standard self management / healthy living tips. These treatments actually made things worse.

Unfortunately by the time I got diagnosed with Environmental Illness, it hadprogressed to a very extreme state, I had become a “Universal Reactor.” My nervous system and immune system had become so wound up and sensitised that I was reacting to virtually everything. No joke!

Admist all of this, however, I have managed to make changes to my environment, diet, products and lifestyle that have allowed me to reduce a lot of my symptoms significantly, and also finally got me to a state where the Integrative Medicine Doctor I am now seeing feels that I am finally strong enough to be treated with detoxing and cleansing and nutritional therapies. I am very excited about this. This is a new chapter in my journey. However, I have been warned that getting the heavy metals out, and rebalancing my biochemistry may take some time, and in the meantime I still need to do what I have been doing, which can be summed up as REST, REDUCE AND PACE.

REST and frequent mindfulness breaks. REDUCE all stressors – toxicant, pathogen, food, chemical, lifestyle, psychological, sensory, other. PACE all activity and change.

Doing this can be very stressful, as you can imagine, but over the past recent years, it has become simpler and simpler – as myself and my family have become more knowledgeable and got more efficient at “non toxic, fragrance free living.” amongst other things.

My dream one day is to have all 50 symptoms gone! I am not sure if this will happen, but my new doctor now thinks it is possible.

At this site I share articles and resources that I have found helpful, and share tips and my experiences and thoughts. I do this as it not only gives me a purpose and a way to fill up part of otherwise somewhat boring days, but also because I believe that doing this may help some one (may be you) have an easier journey than what I have.

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