Daily to Do’s

These daily to do’s  provide lots of health benefits. They are known to help improve sleep, moods and turn the volume down on fatigue, pain and sensitivities.  Sometime very quickly, other time more gradually over time, with perserverence.It is a good idea to work these daily do’s into your daily plan and routines.  As able, and in a way that is suitable to your situation.

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Get some sun


The sun provides you with Vitamin D and re sesunts your body clock so you can sleep better at night.  Vitamin D also helps your immune system functioning and improves gut health,. Sunlight and fresh air where two of Nurse Florence Nightingales favourite health elixirs, and it seems with good reason, based on current scientific research.



Take at least 3 time out relaxation breaks each day


relaxMake the most of your time out breaks  by practicing a stress management technique like mindfulness. Studies show it will sleep and reduce lots of symptoms in as little as 8 weeks for most people.  If you are prone to sensory overload or are very sensitive to stimuli like noise, make sure you have regular time out breaks in a a quite safe zone.



Go for a Walk


walkFresh air and exercise can help lift your spirits and reduce your pain and fatigue.  If you can manage more than a walk, even better.  If you cannot because, because you have chronic fatigue syndrome,  start by simply standing up regularly, then build on this using graded exercise therapy.


Breathe Fresh Air


windowThe quality of the air at your work and /or home may be contributing to your symptoms. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a very common condition that triggers many symptoms including, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, respiratory problems, rashes, anxiety, panic attack like symptoms and more.  Open your window at least once a day, and over time, make changes (as you can) to improve the overall quality of your indoor air. (see tips from the Environmental Agency Group (EPA) here)


 Stay Connected


connectStaying connected is important for your overall health and wellbeing including your mental health.  Call a friend, spend some time with a loved one, or get support on line or from a support organisation if very unwell.  If in a lot of pain or chronically fatigued limit your contact to no more than an hour or two, or less if that is all you can manage.



Make good food choices


HEALTHYPORTIONSIZES-300x203Every time you eat, you have the power to make a health draining choice or health enhancing choice. It is entirely up to you.  While, we are all naughty sometimes, make sure you are good at  least 75% to 80% of the time. To find out more about good food choices for people with multi-symptom disorders see helpful diets.


Keep up with your Chores by following a Theme day schedule


choreKeeping on top of chores can be a drag, and quite difficult for anyone with more severe fatigue and pain. Make it simpler by having a rostered chore theme for each day. Do this for the more important chores (E.g.  Monday: shopping, Tuesday: Paying bills, Wednesday: Laundry and so on).  Then fit in the other chores around this. If you have a carer or helper, it will make it simpler for them to step in and help if you are having a particularly bad day.  TIP: chores will become a lot simpler if you declutter and simplify.


Have a relaxing Bed time Routine


bathtimeStart winding down an hour or two before bedtime, and follow the same wind down routine each night. This will give your body and mind the cue that it is time to relax and prepare for sleep. If this does not resolve your sleep problems, go here to find out what else you can do.



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