Wellness Plan

If you are experiencing ongoing pain and lots of symptoms:

You are most likely experiencing toxicity, inflammation, stress and sensitisation (nerve, immune)  that is feeding into a self maintaining unwellness loop.  

To get off the loop you need a multi dimensional wellness plan,  and you also need some patience.

Getting off the loop, for some can be quick, for others it is a process, that involves taking a series of small steps towards wellness, taken over time at a pace that is right for you.  Pushing yourself beyond your pacing and energy limits, is likely to overwhelm you and trigger set backs. You are best to set yourself just a few SMART goals at a time (small, measurable, attainable, realistic, time and energy appropriate)

 Some people with very vulnerable genetics or certain injuries, may not be able to completely escape the loop, but are likely to experience continued gradually improvements of symptoms slowly over time - for me 35 are now gone, and most of the remaining 50 are reduced and still improving.  


You don’t need a doctor to identify these sources of stress. Lifestyle decisions—along with genetics—shape the foundation of your health and determine its future. The longer chronic stress undermines your core functional systems, the harder it is for your  body is  able to compensate for poor lifestyle behaviors.


  • Insufficient or poor quality SLEEP, rest, and recovery
  • Negatively internalizing EMOTIONS
  • Poor FOOD choices, lack of dietary discipline, failure to control blood sugar levels and nutrient intake
  • Too much, or too little EXERCISE
  • Self-destructive behavior in general


Doctors trained in functional medicine can help identy medical causes for ill health, as well as subclinical  (obscure) causes, that have already resulted from genetic influeces combined with chronic stress and environmental exposures. 


  • Adrenal gland exhaustion (e.g low cortisol, this causes reduced tolerance to ALL stress and impairs of healing)
  • Impaired Liver Detoxification
  • Intestinal infections (e.g. SIBO) and poor gut health (e.g. dysbiosis)
  • Fungal and viral infections
  • Inflammation

Doctors trained in functional medicine often work within an integrative care team, who can help you customise your wellness plan to your individual needs and circumstances.  


The environment we live in can support wellness or be a source of stress that impacts our core functions and causes unwellness.  Source of environment stress include

  • Food intolerances  
  • Exposure to Environmental toxins such as metals, chemicals, (e.g. solvents, pesticides) and molds
  • Electromagnetic radiation from wired and wireless technologies
  • Pollutants PM
  • Environmental Illness (SBS, BRI, CIRS, MCS




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