It will be difficult for you to alleviate your symptoms without a plan that will help reduce your total stressor load and RESTORE balance.  The following are general guidelines. These need to be modified to your individual circumstances with the help your trusted health professional. 


R Relaxation and anxiety and stress management
E Exercise (or move as able)
S Sleep Hygiene and improvement
T Treatments for medical conditions, including allergies, anxiety, depression and food intolerance.
O Over and Under exertion management (i.e. Pacing)
R Reduce your exposure to symptom triggers and high stressors, including environmental stressors and toxicants e.g. alcohol, medicine side effects, and occupational and environmental risk (see exposure history at ATSDR/,)
E Eat Right for you - Nutritionally as per standard dietary guidelines or as recommended by your doctor for management of health conditions (e.g. Celiac, IBD, Diabetes) or food allergies or food intolerance.  


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